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17 Sep September

We discuss Loot Boxes and whether this constitutes gambling on this weeks episode of 2BTG!

Hey all,

Damn what a week. Lucky for us we have the wonderful stylings of Mr Gavin Dunne to help our podcast with his music.

Heaps of new stuff to look at his week. Let’s get into it!

Do you like trains? This game looks like what would happen if you had an infinite amount of children train playsets around:
In some ways it reminds me of Mini Metro, though MM is far more minimalistic.

Don’t like trains? How about spaceships?
I like the look of this one. If you liked FTL or anything else in space, chances are you would like this.

What if your spaceships had steampunk cowboy robots? That would be cool. But what if they were miners?
I loved the original of this game and I loved even more Steamworld Heist.

And unlike all the others, this one has nothing to do with any form of transport, but everything to do with art and myth, the cornerstones of culture.
And yes, I do know how to say it Sam.

We also talk about Psychonauts, and the latest controversy around the question as to whether lootboxes are a form of gambling that need regulation.

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