We're Bros, we talk Games.

4 Jun June

We talk about lots of games and the death of the MP3...

Hey all,


Of course we want to start by crediting Gavin Dunne with our music intro and outro.  The man has an awesome YouTube channel dedicated to music all about video games and other nerdy stuff.  This week there wasn’t a heap for us to talk about, but we managed to fill an hour of rambling about stuff we’re fairly excited about that we think you should be as well.


For a change we spoke about movies for quite a bit.  It turns out Wonder Woman is a pretty decent film that Paul is going to go and see.  It also turns out that Logan is out to watch at home (which I’ll probably try to do soon) and that the genius behind Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and the World’s End has a movie coming out soon, Baby Driver.  The trailers make it look like many different kinds of awesome.  If you’re not familiar with his work you now have three movies to watch.  There may be a test.


On the subject of Kickstarters and other crowdfunded nonsense we’re happy to announce that Japan will now be allowed to enter in to Kickstarter.  We’re both looking forward to more toys and gadgets that are…….interesting (or terrifying).  There’s a couple I kinda sorta liked the look of:

The Rise of Mooncrest which has a playable demo that I want to look at this week.  

 And this little gem: Flash Point Fire Rescue which looks like it might be a great game to get some friends around a TV with.


On the subject of new stuff coming out soon, Darkest Dungeon will be releasing their DLC in about 2 weeks or so (at the time of this writing). And a little later this month Super Giant Games, the team behind Bastion and Transistor will be releasing their third game Pyre.  I’ll confess to being more excited about the second than the third.


What have we been playing?  Quite a few things a little bit.  Paul and I tried Ziggurat.  And we both think you can do better.  At the time of posting we would recommend you get onto Steam and buy yourself a copy of Red Faction Guerrilla  for a fiver.  Damn good times.  I also recommend Beholder simply because I can’t go on in it.  Paul recommends a couple of good rhythm games, notably Thumper and Outdrive, both of which look like a lot of fun and Speed Runners which is also on sale.


We also talk about a bunch of other podcasts you could listen to while waiting for our new episodes.  We give a shout out to the Nerdy Things Podcast, Hello from the Magic Tavern and the Joe Rogan experience, all for different reasons and for the reason of being different.


To cap things off, we talk about how the MP3 will be completely disappearing from the world forever and that no one will be using it any more.  There’s even a book Paul recommends about it: How The Music Got Free 

And all ya’ll keep rolling!