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18 Jun June

Tonight we go a little long and try to cover as much of E3 as we possibly can.... Enjoy!

Hey all,

 We were in a huge hurry this week to record that the notes are going to be kind of sparse.  Also, because we covered so many games this week I can’t provide a link to each of the things we spoke about so instead I’ve attached a link below that has a collection of pretty well all the games we spoke about.  However, we do have to thank Gavin Dunne for the music he lets us use for free.  He’s a champ.

 Admittedly, neither Paul or I own a PS4 or a Nintendo console, so most of our talking is about what we DO own, which are PC’s (as God intended) or an Xbox (I’m a PC master race member, so I let Paul talk more about console stuff).  But anyways, we did talk about a couple of things on Kickstarter:


Kickstarter links:

Aussie game that sounds really good:


Sounds like Betrayal at house on the hill but easier/more elegant and in my old age, I’ve started to like the idea of a game that tells you how to play it so you’re not looking something up all the time.



Useful link



What does josh like the look of from E3?

Johnny Gat trailer for Agents of Mayhem.  Damn it Saints Row, my heart strings can only tug so far….

On that note, Crackdown 3 looks like a Saints Row Game.  Please have a mod that changes all explosions to being voiced by Terry Crews. It looks like more fun than lawbreakers.

Monster Hunter World looks really cool like a platformy version of witcher 3.  Sounds like I would play something like this.

Griftlands!  I played invisible inc. earlier this year during a car ride.  It is a pretty decent game.

Shadow of Mordor 2.  GOing to ramp up the nemesis system, which is AWESOME!

Need for speed looks like fast and the furious.  Not a criticism.  Maybe we could see what a N4S game looks like with a decent plot or understanding of physics?

The new colossus trailer.  Bethesda seem to know how to use old timey music in their game intros very very well. My children are NOT named after the protagonist. Oh, and BJ rolling around on a murderspree in a wheel chair?  Okay then.  But, after having gone to a nazi base on the moon?  What’s left?  Marzi? Oh God did Stalin conquer Mars?  RED FACTION!

Metro.  Looks like a game.  Looks like it would be fun to watch. Big change of atmosphere and setting.  Less claustrophobic, less survival horror?

Beyond good and evil 2.  Hmmm.  Cool visuals and sound.  Not sure about dialogue.  Feels like it is trying to be Guy Ritchie. The Song is Strong Culture by Asian Dub Foundation

Anthem.  Okay.  So it’s Mass Destiny?  Played by robots.  OKay then.  But why aren’t I a jedi/grey warden saving the world?  Big departure from their usual clobber.

Bannerlord mount and blade 2.  Looks like Mount and Blade.  Would have liked more info not just combat stuff.

Tropic 6 looks like fun.  5 was both fun and funny.  Some good puns and whatnot.  The idea of connecting islands together sounds fun.  Perhaps a more complicated economic system this time?

More Skyrim.  I don’t care.

Spiderman looks like arkham games.  Good move.  As long as the writing and dialogue are good it should be a fine use of fun time.

Fallout VR?  Interesting, but not compelling.


Also, Paul got some cool games for free because he watched the Microsoft thing on Mixer.  Certainly something to look into for next year.

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