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25 Jun June

Zugai interviews the Creator of The Way of All Flesh; Josh Jordan.

Hey there and welcome to a very special feature with the one and only Josh T Jordan.

Josh designed a game that myself, Paul and another buddy of mine all sat down and played a little while ago called “The Way of All Flesh” and we had such a darn good time I decided to start talking to him a little more regularly.

Damn fine thing too.

Josh is probably one of the most chill people on twitter and a very enjoyable guy to talk to.  The game we played had a very elegant design to it and I’m looking forward to playing the other games in the Imposters book when it is made available.  

If you want to find out more about Josh’s games, his website is here:

http://ginger-goat.blogspot.com.au/His blog is here:
https://joshtjordan.com/And you can find him on twitter here:



Check his stuff out.


And keep rolling!