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16 Jul July

We do our regularly scheduled programming this week and talk about nerdy stuff. Enjoy!

Hey all,

Big thank you to Gavin Dunne, the Miracle of sound.  He just brought out a new song about Destiny 2, which you should all check out.

Anyways, this week we talk quite a lot about games and other nerdy stuff.

If you’re into podcasts, and really, I assume you are, you should be listening to How We Roll and maybe Godsfall.  Both are great, but I find myself gravitating more to the first than the second.  Paul is very into the Darkest Night, but i think I’ll give it a pass.  How have you not seen is worth your time, especially if film is your thing.

Speaking of film, Paul has seen Baby Driver and doesn’t spoil it!  He does however tell you to go and see it. I intend to see it at some point but not sure right now. To check out the Soundtrack on Spotify, follow this link: aka.ms/babydriver

Paul also updates us on all the kickstarters I talked him into/made him aware of.  I am looking forward to getting into these when possible.

Also, we did play a few games this week.  I have been playing a hell of a lot of the Talos Principle and can’t recommend it enough, but will talk (at length) about it next week.  Paul however has been playing almost everything including a game called Typoman, which I think sounds fun, Runbow and a Tale of 2 brothers (no relation).

Feel free to get at us at 2brotherstalkgames@gmail.com or @zugai or @paulomalley.

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