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23 Jul July

We go off on a few Tangents around SDCC and Identity in Games

Hey all,

Your destiny relies on you going and listening to Miracle of Sounds newest song about Destiny 2.  He also does our intro and outro music and we are massively grateful to him for the use of it.

This week we neither of us spent a lot of time playing a lot of games, but we spent a lot of time playing a couple of games.  Paul enjoyed a lot of time with:

Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator on Steam

Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator – Android Apps on Google Play

Which he says is a great intro to a certain comedy routine featuring a parrot that may or may not be dead.  It might just be pining for the fjords.

In my case I won’t bore you with what I have been playing a little of, but it is:

Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! on Steam

Which is a game you could probably play on Newgrounds or Kongregate and I wouldn’t say is very worth your time.  However my favourite game played this year is easily the Talos Principle:

The Talos Principle - Croteam - Croteam

To be honest, I can’t talk about this one in enough detail as I don’t want to spoil it.  It does however have some of the best voice acting performances I have heard period ever period.  It’s rare that the makers of a shooty shooty bang bang like Serious Sam, or anyone for that matter, make something like this one.  It’s very special and you should go and buy it.  Otherwise I have this little gem coming up:

Save 10% on Pyre on Steam

I was a pretty big fan of both Bastion and Transistor.  Both had a great combination of high quality visuals and sound design but also included some great gameplay.

If you want some free stuff you should look at this article written by Quintin Smith of Shut up & Sit Down:

How to build an amazing board game collection for $10! | Shut Up & Sit Down

This week we also spoke a lot about identity in games and how gaming has changed the way we look at certain areas of self-identity.  To be honest, you’re better off listening to the Out of the Fridge podcast.  Those guys know their stuff much better than we do:


In the world of gaming and other pop culture stuff there was quite a lot that happened and rather than fill you in with a lot details, I’d recommend the link dump below:

Pokémon Go developer apologizes for glitch-plagued festival chaos - NY Daily News

A Pokémon Go bar crawl was one of the best events at Comic-Con - The Verge

Razer is launching a chat app for Pokémon Go - The Verge

The new Stranger Things trailer is full of Michael Jackson and terror - The Verge

The first Justice League trailer is here, and it actually looks great - The Verge

The latest trailer for The Defenders promises blood and war - The Verge

The first Rocko’s Modern Life TV movie trailer takes on the horrors of the 21st century - The Verge

Stargate is coming back as a digital-only prequel series - The Verge

Pacific Rim: Uprising’s teaser features John Boyega and a bunch of giant mechs - The Verge


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