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30 Jul July

We do our regularly scheduled programming this week and branch into the Net Neutrality Discussion! :)

Hey all,

Welcome to another 60 or so minutes of fun and adventure where Paul and I sit down to let the games speak for themselves.  Massive thanks to Gavin, the Miracle of sound, Dunne who done the music wot we use.

Anyways, we played some games!

I’ve been mucking around with Xenonauts which is an extremely faithful re-creation of the original, down to the lack of direction/tutorial/any useful feedback.  It’s not a deal breaker, but if you’ve not played the old old old XCom you might want to watch some stuff on youtube first.  Still, it’s not a bad time.
Xenonauts on Steam

Paul and his wife have been playing through the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean and having a darn fine time. Listen to the podcast to find out why I can no longer let myself play this series of games (it’s not because I am bad at games, though that is definitely a thing).
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game

I’ve had a quick look at The Road to Gehenna and can confirm that if you liked the original Talos, you would REALLY like this one.  It possesses a very cool kind of charm.  Like Dante’s Inferno, but enjoyable.
The Talos Principle: Road To Gehenna on Steam

Paul gives a nice talk up about Path of Exile, which is a pretty cool Diablo clone that is completely free to play and worth your time if you have a lot of spare time.
Path of Exile

Speaking of the afterlife and eternal punishment, I’ve also been playing Pyre a game where you try to escape Limbo by playing 3 vs 3 football, exactly as it was described by St. Messi in the Apocrypha.  It is a gorgeous experience in every way, and it makes me feel very good about the fact that Super Giant Games only release things very rarely.  Can’t have have champagne every day.
Pyre on Steam

As always, there’s a few things we’re looking forward to that are coming up soon.  The first is this little indie beauty that looks like a lot of fun for certain people, if those people like Super Smash Bros:

Also, this little game looks like playing Miami Hotline if you were Nightcrawler from the Xmen:
Mr. Shifty on Steam

And there is an upcoming open Beta for Destiny 2 coming up at the end of August.  From hat I’ve heard at the end of all the DLC, Destiny was a pretty decent game (which I wouldn’t pay $180 for).  Still, might be worth a look:
Destiny 2 Beta Is Now Open To Everyone On PS4, Xbox One - GameSpot

And yes, there are boardgames we like!  Paul picked up an expansion for one of our favourite games Onitama!  It’s called the Sensei’s path.

And in final final final news, someone finally gave Justin Roiland something he’s been waiting for.  Dose this mean fewer seasons of Rick and Morty now?  We hope not.

McDonald's Giving 'Rick And Morty' Creator A Jug Of Szechuan Sauce

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