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6 Aug August

We spend this week discussing the results of a study into Gamer Demographics as well as our standard Nerdy stuff... :)

Hey there,

So as always, we’re back to talk about some stuff happening in the gaming over the last 7 days or more.  And also as always, we have to thank Mr Gavin Dunne for the use of his music.

We’ve been a little strapped for time to play games this week as both Paul and I have had quite a lot of things happening in our respective lives, so please bare with us.  I did manage to finish Pyre though and I’m going to give it a write up later this month.  I’ve also been reading the D&D rulebooks a lot for an upcoming campaign.  In Paul’s case he’s still working his way through Brothers, links below for both:

Pyre on Steam

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons on Steam

News wise, there’s been quite a few things happening over the last while.  The first is kind of interesting if you like awesome space operas with fine characterisation:

Mass Effect Andromeda studio merging into EA’s Motive

It may also be terrifying if you think about what EA does to studios under its banner (it eats them).

Also, it may be time to give that sailor talk the old heave ho, especially if you like playing Rocket League.  Is it censorship, or just time for us to think of new insults?

Rocket League Passes 34 Million Players; New Ban System Additions Coming

Speaking of D&D, if you’re an American and can’t find a game, maybe you should look into breaking the law?  Well, probably not, but this is certainly interesting:

Dragons in the Department of Corrections - Waypoint

The Cracked Podcast by Earwolf on Apple Podcasts

And if you’re anything like us, you might be surprised to think about how gaming has chagned, and how it might change in the future.  I for one am looking forward to “Get off my lawn simulator 2067 edition”

Digital Australia 2018 (#DA18) - IGEA

Greater Gender and Age Diversity in Game Characters Wanted, Finds Survey - IGN

Paul has been watching some Anime, which I gu4ess is no surprise, but what is a nice surprise is that he’s willing to share about what he thinks is good anime:

paulomalley's Anime List - MyAnimeList.net

And what he thinks of his new fuze card (spoiler, he kind of really likes it):


Finally, I think it’s worth mentioning that our last little thing to talk about is both heartwarming and breaking.  As someone who is lucky to have some audio from an interview with a new passed away relative, being able to listen to it brings them back somewhat.

'Dadbot, do you love me?': How I immortalised my dead father through Facebook messenger - Hack - triple j

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