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13 Aug August

Hey everyone,

Sorry we’re a little late with this episode but toddlers have a tendency to get sick quite often when it’s cold and when they don’t sleep neither do the parents.  Anyways, as always we’re grateful to Gavin Dunne and the music he does.  His latest songs about Destiny 2 and John Snow are really good and you should check them out.

This week I spoke to a somewhat intoxicated Ethan.  It was jolly good fun.

We spoke about the best way to train for StarCraft 2.  Apparently the best way is both drunk and upside down.  Ethan has been playing West of Loathing and if you’ve played Kingdom of Loathing, and you really should, you’ll probably have a good time.  What I’ve read about it is very positive so go support a small time dev-team.

Speaking of games and how they are migrating all over the darn place, their is a fan made Papers Please movie coming out!  It’s certain to be a happy good fun time set in a universe where everyone has good reason to think the best of everyone and their government.

There are however some excellent things coming out soon!  Dragon Age 4 and 5 are in the works according to to Laidlaw, the boss of DA.  Not a bad thing, considering all the fun this series has been.  Valve has a new game coming out.  A card game.  And no one should give a shit.  Also, they are using StarCraft 2 to train killer AI’s:

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And keep yourselves rolling!