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27 Aug August

We talk about Sports Games and a bunch of Nerdy News this week! :)

Hey all,

Hoping that you had a better day than Connor McGregor did against Mayfield.  As always, Mr Gavin, The Miracle of Sound has allowed us the use of his music without paying!  What a cool guy.

This week we decided to talk about SPORTS!  Well, sports games.  Not E-Sports specifically, as neither of us is good enough at any games to compete at that level (maybe Paul could with speedrunners) but there have been some definite areas where sports games shine wonderfully, mainly in the area of emergent narrative as your favourite fictional or non-fictional characters grow and develop.

One of my favourite sports games as a kid was Death Track.  A wonderful murder romp while race car driving.  I can’t believe it didn’t catch on IRL.  Anyway, they are available here:


Below I’ve listed a bunch of links to the sports games we mentioned (there were more than quite a few):



Super blood hockey:




RedCard 20-03 - Wikipedia


Team Buddies - Wikipedia


Rugby League Live 4 Review - Improvements All Round


News wise there are quite a few things happening.  First of all, the people behind the Yakuza series are bringing out a remaster of Yakuza 2 and will be publishing a game based on the very popular Manga (check pronunciation) Fist of the North Star!

Yakuza makers making movie:


And a remastered game:


No Mans Sky has a form of multi player.  The last player now needs someone to play with them?  Maybe just keep the lights on?

Paul mentioned a couple of kickstarters he quite likes and after a brief peek I think they are worth looking into!

Unstable Unicorns by Ramy Badie — Kickstarter


Final Boss: The card game by Rafael González — Kickstarter


Paul also brought up the fact that Microsoft have updated the list of titles that are being upgraded with the new Xbox shenanigans!

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Games Are Now Available For Xbox One |


Xbox One X Enhanced |


And as always we are available by email 2brotherstalkegames@gmail.com @paulomalley and @zugai.

Keep rolling!