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3 Sep September

We talk Dads in games and discuss Ready Player One and other nerdy stuff! :)

Hey All,

Always, we thanks Mr Gavin Dunne for being the darn fine person he is to let us use his music without paying him anything.  You should totally go buy a song from him.

We’d like to start by saying that we hope you all had a wonderful father’s day or helped someone else have one.  Some pretty cool stuff happened.

First off, we found out that Destiny 2 will be playable with decent machines.  As someone that has had long periods of no disposable income, this is quite rewarding.  Feel free to get into the Beta here:


Paul has been playing a bunch of cool little games that sound like a lot of fun.  Rock of Ages 2 sounds like it has lived up to the hype and good light fun, and yes, Paul will indeed Rock you:

Buy Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder™ - Microsoft Store Australia

Death by rhythm bug doesn’t quite have the same snappiness of Thumper, though it does a better job of vaguely describing the game.  This is a similar vein to Neon Drive, but from what I’ve heard is far more intense.

Buy Thumper - Microsoft Store

And for those open world people that like robots, this is probably a game you’d like.  I quite like when a company gives a new IP a chance to be better.  Never a bad thing.

Buy ReCore: Definitive Edition - Microsoft Store Australia

I’ve been chipping away at Total War: Warhammer and plowing through the greenskins with my dwarf throngs.  So far not my best Total War experiences, but certainly my favourite Warhammer experiences in a videogame.

Kind of also sorry to be coming to the end of Shadowrun Hong Kong.  Sometimes you don’t need a sprawling epic march through tens of hours of text and character development to have a good time.  Sometimes you just need to shoot people in the face with a drone.

There are a range of things we’re following and looking into, but we’ll talk more about those later, when we know more about them.

Till then you can get us @zugai @paulomalley and 2brotherstalkgames@gmail.com

Keep rolling!