We're Bros, we talk Games.

1 Oct October

We discuss Gastro, Games and Game Streaming this week and it leads to some great discussion. :)

Hello all and welcome to our latest podcast.

We shall be always and completely grateful to Gavin Dunne AKA the Miracle of Sound for the use of his music.

Unlike last week, both of us are in great health this time, so we were able to record!  And we’ve been playing things!

Before we get into any games stuff, I’d like to point out that I was on another podcast this week!

27 - Funnel Cake Spider | Talking Fail

This week we are joined by Josh Zugai from the 2 Brothers Talk Games podcast. We embarrass our homeland by revealing how little we know about the world beyond our borders, Will eats, Ethan gets his heritage results back, Australian killer spiders, gun control, Australia's history/politics, Josh's game: In The End, There Was Kindness, and Josh rips Tyler an new one Australian style. (Editor's Note, I left this last portion completely uncensored to preserve the full impact of Josh's work)

I’ve mainly been playing Psychonauts and quite a lot of Caveblazers.  CB’s is great and great value for a tenner:
http://www.rupeck.com/caveblazersI usually don’t go in for roguelikes, but I quite like this one.

Paul has been playing a lot of Back to Bed, or how to get Zoolander down for a nap:

http://store.steampowered.com/app/308040/Back_to_Bed/He likes it quite a bit, but thinks you should wait for a Steam sale.

He does however think you should stop whatever you are doing and buy Oxenfree and Cuphead straight away:

Oxenfree on Steam

Buy Cuphead - Microsoft Store

We also covered the recent legal goings on with Pewdiepie and the creators of Firewatch:

On a related note:


Nintendo has decided that it is restricting livestreaming.  Bold idea.  I don’t think it’s going to be their best decision.

On a more personal note, we do sometimes like to boil a frog, and by that I mean, convince people to listen to the music we like:


We can of course, be found @paulomalley and @zugai and also at 2brotherstalkgames@gmail.com

Keep rolling!