We're Bros, we talk Games.

16 Oct October

Hi there all,

we're so happy to be allowed to use Gavin Dunne's music for our podcast.  If you could buy some of his music that'd be amazing!

We have ourselves a good talk about why Shadow of War should be allowed to fail.  And neither of us EVER advocate using the Pirate Bay to go and download it illegally because pay to win games like that are the scourge of the industry and should be put down mercifully.  But we WOULD advocate that you go and buy the original Shadow of Mordor, maybe even for a friend because it was a good game and you can get it pretty cheap.  In fact, why not buy it for 2 friends?

We also have a talk about Offworld Trading Co and why it is a better game than Galactic Civilisations 3.  Which is a re-skin of an older game, Galactic Civilisations 2.  We do however kind of like Sins of a Solar Empire, or at least some of its design.

Should you ask us questions at 2brotherstalkgames@gmail.com?  Ask and find out!