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22 Oct October

We follow up on a discussion from a couple of weeks ago and also talk about Indie Game Prices and their effect on the Industry as a whole

Hi All,

As always, a huge thanks to Gavin, the Miracle of Sound Dunne, who done the music we use for our intro!

This week we’re glad to have Paul back in town.  It’s great to have him back from Japan.

This week we bang on more than a little about lootboxes as the UK government says that they have already taken steps:

UK government answer loot box questions | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
But really what they are saying is that they don’t want to have to worry about it.  And if you buy Vermintide 2 you won’t have to worry about lootboxes at all, according to them at least:
Vermintide 2 will not sell loot boxes, developer confirms | PC GamerMy opinion?  They deserve extra credit for that.  A lot of it.

In even more nefarious news, Activision has found a way to make microtransactions even worse:
Activision patent matchmaking system pushing microtransactions | Rock, Paper, ShotgunThere is nothing about this that is okay.  Not a thing.  RPS does joke about whether gamers should form some kind of collective to patent the worst gaming practises they can consider.  Maybe not a terrible idea.

Our big question of the week concerns indie games:
Are indie games too cheap? | PC GamerWithout getting too much into spoilers, we’re not completely sure.  My follow up idea is that much of the problem also comes from a lack of QA with Steam or other online distribution services where dodgy devs could release a product for a few $’s make some quick sales and then bugger off.  This of course erodes trust in the indie game sector and brings down the percieved value.

How does one fix that?  No idea.

What have we been playing?

Cuphead, which Paul thinks is great!
Guild of Dungeoneering, which Josh is still enjoying!
Overgrowth, which is not worth your time, unless you got it in a bundle and had no idea!

As always, we can be reached at @paulomalley and @zugai and also 2brotherstalkgames@gmail.com

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