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5 Nov November

We discuss the use of Fast Travel in games and if it is actually needed

Hey all,

We’ve been away/sick the last week so we’ve now had time to catch up with each other.

This week we talk about the fact that The Witness is not worth your time.  Neither is Borderlands 2.

Paul has been kicking it old school with OG Xbox Backwards Compatibility and spending time with Star Wars: KOTOR and Fuzion Frenzy as well as enjoying the awesome free Stranger Things game on Mobile.

Also, Fantasy Flight games are no launching into video games.  What does this mean?  Are we excited?
WoW is going to be opening vanilla servers after years and years of people asking for it.  Neither of us are very excited:

And which common things in games would we be okay without?  Mainly anything that gets in the way of fun.

Thanks all and feel free to contact us on 2brotherstalkgames@gmail.com or @zugai or @paulomalley on twitter.