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19 Nov November


Hey all,

As always we want to thank Gavin Dunne for his music.  The man is the patron saint of podcast music needers and you can go and buy his music.  Just look up Miracle of sound.

Well it seems like the loot crate boom of 2017 might be coming to a wonderful end.

We can only hope.

It’s pretty obvious what we spoke about this week.  

But we also talk about some great games!  

Paul has been playing a sweet little indie game called Assassin's Creed Origins.  He’s quite fond of it.  My own experience with the series has been somewhat lacking.  Who knows if I ever finish the Witcher 3 I might have to have another look at the series.  Is Ezio still in it?

I’ve been playing Kingdoms!  Which is a great little 2d side scrolling game about building your kingdom and defending against monsters at night.  It’s a great little way to use your time and very satisfying.

We also talk about the X.B.O.X and how having a powerful console is the way to go.

Also, I am doing another podcast!  If you like DnD come check out podculture plays DnD:http://nerdythingspod.com/podcast/podculture-plays-dd-episode-1-cast-detect-evil-on-the-dm/

As always you can hit us up @paulomalley @zugai and 2brotherstalkgames@gmail.com

Kep rolling!